FORMULA - Evaporators
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Formula Group was established on 1978 in the name of Formula Industries Co., Ltd. (FI). The company emphasize on producing automobile air condition under own brand name "Formula".

Formula Group can produce 200,000 fin tube coils (including packaging), 200,000 serpentine coils (including packaging), 200,000 serpentine condensers (including packaging) and 100,000 parallel flow condensers (including packaging). Although we increase our capacity, we still control about our product's quality in order to meet our standard.

Following are the list of products from Formula

  1. Blower & Fan
  2. Bus Air-Conditoning
  3. Condenser
  4. D.C. Motor
  5. Electronic Parts
  6. Evaporator Coil
  7. Evaporator Unit
  8. Hose & Fitting
  9. Plastic Accessories
  10. Receiver & Accumulator
  11. Truck Refrigerator