FRASCOLD - Air Cooled Condensers
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FRASCOLD is an Italian company located near Milan that has been producing compressors since 1936. It produces the largest and complete range of compressors for applications in refrigeration and air conditioning together with condensing units both with air cooled condensers and water cooled condensers.



  1. Air cooled condensing units
  2. Water cooled condensing units
  3. Semi-hermetic compressors
  4. Two stage semi-hermetic compressors
  5. Tandem semi-hermetic compressors
  6. Compact twin screw semi-hermetic compressors
  7. Twin screw semi-hermetic compressors for remote oil separator
  8. Compressor/receiver groups
  9. CXHO innovative twin screw compressors
  10. Semi-hermetic compressors with built in variable speed drive

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