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LUVE GROUP - has conceived & constructing products for refrigeration using cutting-edge technology



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The LUVE Group is the combination of experience, tradition, forward thinking, and innovation. The Group is the embodiment of the principle that, first and foremost, companies are women, men and ideas. People with years of experience, young people blessed with creativity and enthusiasm, highly qualified professionals, all united in their passion for their work and in their vision of a world which will be more aware, more livable, more advanced, and better balanced.

LUVE has introduced a new way of conceiving and making refrigeration and air conditioning products, using avant-garde technologies which have then become a constant reference-point for the entire industry. The Group is an international entity (with its main offices and production facility in Uboldo, Varese) made up of 7 production units.

There are also 14 sales companies in the LU-VE Group located in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Poland (Gliwice and Warsaw), Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Singapore. A network of experts - technicians and qualified staff – at the service of clients to satisfy their every need.

For more information on LUVE products, please call AMPEX Engineering Services LLC at +971 4 223 1868

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