Automotive A/C Maintenance

Most vehicles use refrigerant to keep the interior cool. There are several components that make up your A/C system. Ampex has the equipment and trained technicians to insure your vehicle's A/C system functions properly and efficiently.

Our technicians check all of the following to ensure superior automotive A/C performance:

  1. Inspect A/C system for visual signs of leaks
  2. Reclaim remaining freon from system for filtering
  3. Vacuum test system
  4. Install Dye UV for leak detection
  5. Recharge system to manufacturer recommended capacity
  6. Performance test system
  7. Perform Dye Lite test
  8. Add freon at an additional charge

Ampex has 4 workshops across strategic locations in Dubai, namely:

  1. Al Khabeesi, Deira
  2. Al Aweer
  3. Al Quoz &
  4. Dubai Investment Park