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Tazzetti is one of European's most important operators in the cooling and refrigeration industry. The company has established its leading role in this constantly evolving sector through a policy of consistent development, founded on the inherent merits of its products.

An ability to adapt to change while maintaining the core values of its successful business policy. A philosophy of research into innovative. A diligent research to sustainable solutions. This has always built the foundation of the company and have driven Tazzetti to become the leading concern it is today. Nowadays Tazzetti earns the recognition of the major national and international manufacturers and system installers.

Tazzetti offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including the most traditional and the ultra high tech. Tazzetti operates with a logistics structure that can satisfy to the specific demands of the market; through a distribution network that can operate at any levels in the covered areas. Tazzetti can deliver a widespread service tailored to the needs of the customer.

The experience acquired in the dynamic European market, in which the company scored its first successes, fuelling its further development, has permitted Tazzetti to win distribution and direct supply contracts with the major companies in the continent.

In the international context marked by constant evolution and the use of sophisticated technology, Tazzetti is able to deliver services responding a many sectors providing a guarantee of reliability for the operators in the market. Tazzetti, Your international partner for Specialty Fluids and Environmental Services.

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