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TIF™ was originally formed in Miami, FL in the 1950's under the name Thermal Industries of Florida, Inc. In 1960 the company name was formally changed to TIF™ Instruments, Inc. and the new independent business was founded upon the concept of bringing new & innovative service test instruments. Over the past 40+ years TIF™ grew through the support of professional technicians worldwide and has become the recognized leader in both electronic refrigerant leak detection & refrigerant measuring device.

Today the TIF™ brand is recognised worldwide for these and other products. All TIF™ products are designed and produced to meet the highest quality and industry standards. The majority of the offering is CE approved for compliance with European Union Standards and UL Listed or Certified where applicable.

Product Range includes:

  • Portable electronic refrigerant leak detector
  • Non-contract voltage detectors
  • Revolutionizing safe electrical testing
  • Negative Corona leak detectors
  • Digital clamp-on ammeters
  • The electronic sight lass
  • Pulsed load testers
  • 4-way aluminium block manifold gauge sets
  • Slim-line refrigerant charging meters, and
  • Refrigerant sensor TIF ZX-1 leak detector

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