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Cooling is everywhere and vital to many aspects of modern life and its demand is set to soar.

At Zanotti S.p.A., we design and manufacture commercial, semi-industrial, industrial and transported refrigeration systems. Our primary activity is making the most appropriate use of the cold. Thanks to our units, we can cover the entire product lifecycle along the cold chain. Refrigeration and storage, drying and curing, liquid cooling and storage, as well as refrigerated transport.


  • Cold Rooms
    A complete range of refrigeration units in monoblock and bi-block/split versions ready for installation, ideal for the creation of quick and easy to manage solutions.
  • Mono Blocks
    The models of the AS-E series are monoblock units, designed specifically for the storage of fresh products in small to medium sized container rooms that are only moved occasionally.
  • Mobile Cold Rooms
    The models of the AS-R series are monoblock units ideal for preserving fresh products in rooms mounted on trailers subject to continuous movement.
  • Condensing Units, Racks & Evaporators
    The models of the CU series are air-cooled condensing units with a single-compressor but no evaporator. Their bodywork is designed for outdoor installation and they are silent, which makes them ideal for commercial and industrial use.

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